Floor line marking is a top concern of many facility owners because it provides the means to clearly mark paths and indicate areas that require caution. It’s also a way to communicate to all personnel the expectations of safe behaviors and what is off limits.

It’s all too common to see warehouses with forklifts that drive too close to racks and then knock them over in a domino-like chain reaction, damaging equipment or causing injuries. These accidents can be avoided by simply applying bright, bold lines of safety paint or tape on a warehouse floor to help keep forklift drivers aware of the minimum clearance distances that are required between them and racks and equipment.

Precision on the Floor: A Guide to Effective Line Marking

There are a number of different floor marking color standards that have been established to clearly identify hazards and indicate specific activities. It’s important that these standards are followed consistently throughout the facility to avoid confusion. Fortunately, these color codes are easily understood and a painting contractor educated in OSHA’s guidelines for these colors can install them with precision.

Whether in the form of yellow lines for vehicle traffic or black and white striped lines that alert people to a potential electrical shock risk, these safety warnings will save lives and money. In addition, emergency equipment like fire extinguishers and eye wash stations can be easily identified with a simple taping of the floor. By having these clearly marked, easy to read, highly visible safety markers in place, a facility can maximize efficiency and maintain an excellent level of organization.