Breathwork Facilitator training

Breathwork Facilitator training focuses on developing the skills to provide breathwork sessions. Breathwork is a somatic healing modality and practitioners must be able to effectively and safely work with clients who have experienced trauma. Participants will learn about the different types of trauma, how it affects the body, and how to facilitate trauma healing sessions. They will also learn how to work in groups and with individuals with differing levels of trauma. The facilitators will also learn how to create a safe and nurturing space in which participants can experience breathwork.

What you should know about breathwork training ?

After graduating from the first level of the training, participants will be expected to lead ten sessions with clients. Participants will receive peer feedback during these sessions. They will also be required to attend three one-on-one mentorship sessions with an instructor. The training is conducted by Samma Karuna, an international school of awakening. The cost of the training is $5500 USD for the three levels. Upon completion of the training, graduates will be granted a certificate of completion.

During the facilitator training, participants will learn healing breathwork through a hands-on exercise called BreathFit Challenge. This challenging program helps participants maximize their physical health and breathe for longer periods. It will also help the facilitators to ‘walk the walk’ by practicing the breathing techniques and meditations.Find urlĀ