Why shouldn’t you buy SoundCloud plays? Well for one, I’ve never come across a scenario where a user’s song or track was taken down after purchasing SoundCloud plays or subscriptions. Likewise, I’ve never come across an instance where a user has lost their song or track privileges after purchasing SoundCloud plays, added friends, likes or comments. Likewise, I’ve also never come across an instance where a person has been banned from purchasing SoundCloud plays or any other form of digital music legally. In fact, the opposite is true; quite the opposite actually. soundcloud plays brsm.io

A quick guide on how to buy SoundCloud Plays

SoundCloud has become incredibly popular in the past few months because they allow anyone to create an unlimited number of radio stations, as well as record and upload your own music. The way this all works is pretty simple actually; when you upload a track or a song to the “Play” tab on the website, it will immediately be sent to millions of servers across the globe. When people search for that song/track, they will most likely have to go to YouTube to find it. If you have purchased 500 soundcloud plays or more, you should be able to send the file to as many people as you’d like. If you don’t have any tracks to offer, YouTube provides an option to “Add by URL” which automatically inserts a link back to your site where people can purchase your music and even add you on their list of friends.


SoundCloud is not only beneficial to individual artists and labels looking to promote upcoming releases but to the general public as well. In order to use the website to your advantage, you will need to find promotion packages to buy. Promotional promotion packages include things such as the purchase of one or more songs for playback on your site, the embedding of your track on your website, as well as advertising on your site. These are relatively inexpensive and provide an excellent return on your investment.