If you’re a long-time kratom user, you may have to adjust your dosage from time to time. This could be due to changes in your tolerance or your preference for different effects. In addition, you may need to find the right kratom strain for your needs.

The ideal dose is unique to each person taking kratom. How much kratom per day  for pain find that a low dose of 2 to 6 grams is enough. This amount provides both a boost to energy and some relief from discomfort.

Other people may choose to use a higher dose of kratom, around 3 to 4 grams, when they want to experience euphoric effects. This can help them stay productive throughout the day or focus on a task.

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Some kratom users also choose to use a sedative strain of the plant to relax and get a good night’s sleep. A sedative dose of kratom usually takes a little longer to reach peak effectiveness.

The best way to measure your kratom dose is by weight using a digital scale. This is more accurate than measuring by volume (like teaspoons or tablespoons). A good quality scale can be purchased for a relatively cheap price and can often be found at your local head shop or Amazon.

The most important thing is to start low and build up your dose as needed. In addition, it’s helpful to rotate your kratom strains on a daily basis so that you’re getting a variety of effects. Lastly, make sure to purchase kratom from a reputable source like Kats Botanicals that sources its product ethically and offers full lab reports with every purchase.