is Arma Group legit

Is Arma Group legit? If you’re looking for a debt collection agency that can handle your payments, you’ve probably heard of the Arma Group. They use creative methods to contact debtors and often disguise their phone numbers. However, the company’s methods of contacting debtors are not pleasant to deal with. It seems that Arma Group deals with debtors across Australia every single week, and that might not be the best way to treat your debtors.

 How Arma Group Works

It’s important to realize that the ARMA Group is a FOREIGN COMPANY and is not registered with the Registrar of Companies. This means that their data may be processed, including your IP address. However, the company’s mission is to help borrowers get back on their feet. By ensuring their clients’ data privacy is their highest priority, ARMA has been able to increase their revenue 194% in the last three years, and the company is generating revenue in the neighborhood of $6 million. However, it was not easy for ARMA to break into the industry, as larger competitors were dominating the space. Founders of ARMA cite difficulties landing new clients and overcoming barriers with larger providers.

ARMA asks for consent before processing personal information. This is required by law. If you wish to withdraw consent, the processing will cease. However, you must remember that withdrawing consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing prior to withdrawal. The information you give to ARMA can be stored for up to a year. This information is used to evaluate your suitability. There is no guarantee that your information will be destroyed.