land rover restoration

Land rover restoration  is a lot of work. It requires big decisions, a lot of research and a lot of time.

The good news is that there are pro’s out there, that restore these machines for a living.

Choosing the right candidate for your Land Rover Restoration project is a big decision. You need to find a vehicle that is in a good condition and has a reasonable amount of potential for getting finished.

When choosing a vehicle make sure to consider things like the chassis. This is a crucial part of the Land Rovers’ strength and is susceptible to corrosion.

Rust can eat away at your engine so rust is not something you want to have. We use a galvanized frame and all the steel parts that make contact with the aluminum body panels are also galvanized to prevent rusting.

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Next, your Land Rover will need a new drivetrain. We will rebuild your transmission and transfer case, re-shim the differentials and install all new gears.

Finally, we will re-tune the steering box and re-install the tie rod ends. This will ensure that your transmission is in a good state to run well on road and the steering is properly balanced.

Taking on a Land Rover restoration project can be daunting and confusing. We have years of experience in Land Rover restoration and are able to guide you through the process.

We can build your Land Rover to be as reliable and safe as possible without compromising the beauty that made it famous. We know how to work with rust and will be able to give your Land Rover the best chance of staying a classic for a long time to come.