Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems are electrical devices that Alltechglobal | surge protection protect electrical equipment from lightning strikes. They provide a low resistance path for the energy emitted from a lightning strike to reach the ground. These systems are usually comprised of a metal cable that connects all of the lightning rods and down conductors, and a ground connection. The main conductors are the longest. If a lightning strike is possible, a lightning protection system is a must for any structure that has electrical equipment.

Lightning protection standards are important for the safety of your equipment. They ensure that the grounding, bonding, and air terminals are properly placed to prevent lightning strikes. They also protect electrical equipment from surges. The most effective lighting protection systems are designed to reduce the risk of damaging electronic components and equipment. These devices are typically free of charge, and come with a lifetime warranty. If you’re not sure whether or not you need a lightning protection system, take the time to fill out our online lightning protection risk assessment.

Lighting protection standards also consider the possibility of electrical system damage. They include the risk of loss of life, loss of production, or service to the public. These systems may also be necessary to protect cultural heritage and economic value. These standards were established by the Ben Franklin system, and are derived from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). They are not aimed at protecting people but at providing protection to valuable equipment. A lightning protection system should be designed to minimize potential damage caused by lightning.