Long ago, the duty of handing over important legal documents to people was the province only of lawyers and other legal professionals. But as the country grew and crime increased, sheriffs and similar law enforcement officers became too busy to do this work, and so a new job was created: process server.

Who can serve papers in Arizona?

Essentially, a process server is an individual who delivers court papers to specific individuals, such as defendants or subpoena recipients. Having your legal papers served in a timely, professional and legally compliant manner makes it much easier for you to move forward with your case. But this kind of service requires tact, professionalism and perseverance that not everyone has.

A phoenix az process server is an experienced legal professional who knows the laws and requirements regarding the delivery of court papers. They also know the best ways to serve the person who is receiving these important legal documents. They will not only deliver the documents but will also provide a signed proof of service that you can file with the court.

In Arizona, you can become a certified process server by filing an application approved by the Supreme Court in your county of residence. Once you are appointed, you will be authorized to serve process in any of the courts in the state of Arizona. The clerk of the court in your county will maintain a register of certified process servers. The certification process is governed by Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 11, Rules of Civil Procedure and administrative orders adopted by the Supreme Court.