invisalign power ridge

Thou shalt use a 4 mm wide gingivally beveled rectangular attachment on the upper laterals to support intrusion of the centrals. This attachment provides added “aligner grip” to help prevent lateral non-tracking, and helps transmit the intrusion force appropriately to the centrals.

Attachments are a invisalign power ridge tool for facilitating various tooth movements during invisible orthodontics. These movements include translation (moving into an adjacent space), tipping, torquing and rotational movements. Using a combination of a power ridge and an attachment allows orthodontists to overcome certain limitations of the clear aligner system in order to provide optimal treatment results.

Unveiling Invisalign Power Ridge: The Latest Advancement in Clear Aligner Technology

The current study investigated the influence of auxiliaries on different types of tooth movement during clear aligner therapy. Specifically, the effects of power ridges and attachments on incisor torque, root movement and premolar derotation were investigated. The movement of each tooth was determined in a split-mouth design.

The results showed that a power ridge significantly increased the torque compensation at the cervical and incisal areas of the upper central incisors. However, it also resulted in a reduction in the root movement. In addition, the lingual root surface experienced a considerable amount of stress. Furthermore, the stress distribution differed between models with and without power ridges. In the model with the power ridge, the forces were concentrated around the apical region of the root, whereas in the model with no auxiliaries, the forces were distributed more evenly across the cervical and apical surfaces.