Whether you’re looking to build your first UK PC Parts or upgrade your existing rig, we’ve got all the components to help you make it happen. From essentials like processors and memory to GPUs and storage drives, you can find a wide selection of core and secondary hardware to create a computer that’s both powerful and a true extension of your personality.

UK-Based PC Part Brands: Quality and Reliability

When it comes to buying PC parts there are many different retailers to choose from, some online only, others have physical stores and the benefits of shopping locally can be great – especially when you have any issues with your new PC and need to return something. Amazon is a good place to start but it’s important to compare prices with other retailers too. Scan and Overclockers UK are household names for many PC builders in the UK and you can often get the best deals when purchasing from them directly.

If you’re building a gaming PC it’s worth considering some form of cooling to keep your components running at peak performance and prevent overheating. You can opt for air cooling with fans to bolster the natural airflow in your case or more advanced water-cooling that allows you to set up impressive custom loops.