online reputation management

Managing online reputations is an essential part of a brand’s marketing strategy. In an age where online reviews can damage a brand’s reputation, it is vital to avoid fake reviews and turn negative reviews into positive reviews. Not only will this help to improve a brand’s overall visibility, but it also shows consumers that the brand cares about its reputation. Customers prefer to do business with companies that address customer concerns, and this helps to build a loyal following. Source :

What you should know about online reputation management? 

Online reputation management involves creating and implementing proactive strategies for managing public perceptions of a brand or individual online. With people searching online at all stages of their consumer life cycle, a negative online image can damage a company’s sales. Using ORM can help to minimize the negative impact of a negative viral video, develop proactive marketing strategies for the online audience, and expand a company’s domain holdings to improve online visibility.

GatherUp is a suite of tools focusing on customer experience and online review management. It allows users to manage online reputations and track customer interactions in real time. It has a built-in review widget that can be embedded into a business’s website. With these tools, you can easily track customer journeys, manage online reputations, and improve customer experience.

Online reputation management includes a range of techniques, such as reputation monitoring, online reputation building, and reputation recovery. The process for each strategy varies according to the company’s size, industry, and resources. However, there are eight basic rules that should be followed for an effective online reputation management strategy.