A cavapoo takes the affectionate nature of the King Charles Cavalier and the smart, easily trainable personality of a poodle to create a breed that’s both heart-melting and hypoallergenic. These intelligent, curious pooches make loving companions and wonderful additions to any family, though they prefer human company over other dogs or cats. Because of this, they need to be socialised early and regularly with non-human animals as puppies so that they grow up knowing not to chase them.

A playful and energetic dog, a cavapoo requires moderate exercise, and it will thrive in homes where there is lots of activity and interaction. A daily walk of an hour or more along with indoor play and fetching toys should keep a cavapoo happy. If you have a secure garden or large backyard, your pet will also love this space to run around and sniff the ground.

Cavapoo Dogs in Singapore: The Perfect Blend of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle

Cavapoos are very sensitive and will require consistent positive reinforcement training to keep them obedient. They are a calm breed, and they will not bark unless they feel threatened or unsafe. This sensitivity makes them excellent companions for people who suffer from anxiety or depression.

A cavapoo has a soft, medium-length coat that can be wavy or curly and can range from light to dark in colour. They shed very little compared to similar breeds, which can help minimize allergies due to pet dander. A cavapoo’s fur will need regular brushing (preferably every two to three days) to prevent tangles and matting. If the coat needs a trim, it should be done by a professional groomer at least once every four to six weeks.