small solar generator

Solar generators are portable power sources that store and regulate the energy they produce. They can be used to power household appliances during a power outage, to recharge cell phones and small devices, or as an emergency backup source of electricity.

When looking for a small solar generator, look for several key features. Find a unit that has a long battery lifespan, a compact design, and a variety of charging options.

Storage Capacity

To figure out how much battery capacity a small solar generator will have, look at its watt-hours (Wh) rating. This is the equivalent of how many watts a device would use in an hour if it were running on AC electricity.

This is an important factor when choosing a small solar generator, since it will have to charge batteries that are only recharging when the sun shines on them. Most small solar generators will take about 9 hours to fully charge a 100-watt panel, so be sure you plan accordingly before purchasing one of these units.

Compact and Convenient: The Best Small Solar Generators for On-the-Go Power

In addition to a generator’s storage capacity, you should also check whether it can power any given device. This is usually done by examining its output and surge wattage.

The surge wattage is how much extra power the generator can push in the event of a sudden change in load, such as when you turn on an air conditioner or refrigerator. You should also verify that the surge watts can handle your particular devices’ peak demand, as overdriving these items could damage them or cause other problems.