gold kratom

Gold kratom is a special blend of various strains that can be quite hard to find. If you want the best gold kratom, you must find a reputable kratom supplier that sells premium quality kratom and tests their products for purity and contaminants. Nova Kratom is a great choice because they offer high-quality gold kratom blend and test their products regularly to ensure that you get the results you’re hoping for.

There aren’t really golden kratom trees growing in the wild – the color of the leaves is determined by how and when they were harvested, along with their processing and drying methods. The amount of alkaloids in the leaves is also determined by these factors.

Dosage and Usage: How to Safely Enjoy Pure Leaf Kratom

With that said, there are many different strains of kratom that can be combined to create a gold-blend. The exact mixture of kratom strains will vary from vendor to vendor, but there are a few common ingredients that you’ll see in most gold blends. The prevailing theme is that the blend will contain at least two different kratom strains and will usually include both red and green vein varieties.

The effects of gold kratom are highly dependent on the specific strains used and can range from sedation to a serious boost in energy with focus. Some users report that they feel more relaxed and calm when using gold kratom, which can help to ease anxiety and stress. Others use it to improve their mood or to overcome creative blocks.