The Real World Andrew Tate

The Real World Andrew Tate is an online training program that teaches members how to create and sustain wealth. Its roster of hand-picked professors have immense wealth in their respective fields and are ready to share that knowledge with students hoping to attain financial freedom. They’re ready to teach everything from how money works up to running multi-million dollar empires. This link

The program has been criticized for misogyny and alt-right leanings, and it’s unclear how many of its 280,000 members actually want to overthrow the world order. Instead, it appears most are simply looking for a way to make enough to cover medical bills or pay rent in the tightest economic times in recent history.

Andrew Tate vs. Conventional Wisdom: A Clash of Ideas

Like his boy-world counterparts Joe Rogan, Logan Paul, the fratty bros of Twitch streaming, and Lil Nas X, Tate has become an avatar for the men’s male ego. He carries himself with the swagger of Steven Seagal, the priapic vanity of James Bond, and a bit of the corrupt hubris of Michael Corleone.

This masculine egocentricity has helped him cultivate a following across the English-speaking world, transcending race, class, and religion. He appeals to rural American pro-gun constituencies and to schoolboys in Sydney, to working-class immigrants in Britain and the U.S., and to young rideshare drivers in New York City. His fans spout alt-right conspiracy theories about vaccines, masks, and women, and they find his ruthless evisceration of every sacred liberal value hilarious.