A great treat for cats, these treats contain 2mg of cbd for cats treats per bite – enough to offer some mild wellness support. They also contain a delicious chicken and catnip flavor that appeals to finicky feline tongues. The gummies are a convenient way to add CBD to your kitty’s diet. They can be eaten individually or crumbled over their regular kibble or wet food. Treats should not replace meals and should be given in moderation for the best results.

Roll Away Pain: How CBD Roll-On Creams Are Revolutionizing Topical Relief

CBD has been shown to offer a range of health benefits for cats, including anxiety and stress relief. Cats are prone to stress that can lead to a variety of behaviors such as excessive grooming, aggression, or hiding in the litter box. CBD works with your cat’s natural makeup to ease their anxieties, promote relaxation, and balance their hormones.

When shopping for cbd for cats, look for a brand that offers a wide variety of products to support your kitty’s unique needs. Make sure the products you purchase are third-party lab tested and made with high-quality ingredients. Look for a COA (Certificate of Analysis) available on the brand’s website to verify quality and potency.

Holistapet offers an array of delicious, all-natural cbd cat treats and tinctures to help your pet feel their best. Their products are made in the USA with organic hemp grown using premium methods and contain zero THC. The company uses a proprietary nano-emulsion technology that helps their CBD break down for faster absorption. This is important because the onset and effects of CBD can vary from cat to cat, depending on their metabolism and how much they’ve recently eaten.